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ZZSeries - Angela White, Luna Star BrazziBots Uprising Part 1

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Three resistance fighters set off on a mission to destroy the BrazziBots manufacturing plant. Angela White leads Xander and Small Hands across the desert when they are stunned and captured by a BrazziBots scouting unit. Angela wakes up and finds herself locked inside a jail cell, guarded by sexy jail bot, Luna Star. After demanding to be set free, Angela is introduced to the leader of the BrazziBots Empire, Romi Rain. Romi takes delight in antagonizing Angela, dashing her hopes of completing her mission, but this only motivates Angela to break free. Once Angela is left alone with Luna, she tricks Luna into entering the jail cell and quickly subdues the jail bot with her voluptuous body. Now free, Angela goes further into the depths of the BrazziBots Factory to rescue her friends and blow up the facility!

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ZZSeries - Angela White, Luna Star BrazziBots Uprising Part 1

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ZZSeriesAngela WhiteLuna Star

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6 month 2 week ago


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