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WatchingMyMomGoBlack - Alura Jenson Second Appearance

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What's a step-mom to do when her rotten, good-for-nothing, money losing, son of her husband gets dragged in by a couple of men looking for twenty grand? She makes him pay of course. And not just out of his college fund. She tells the thugs who have the scrawny halfwit by his collar that not only will she double what he owes them if they agree to fuck her, but she's going to blackmail her slimy step son as well. He's going to watch and never breathe a word of it to anyone. After a while junior gets some special attention and learns an important life lesson: that women really only want black cock and that there is no substitute for it.

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WatchingMyMomGoBlack - Alura Jenson Second Appearance

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WatchingMyMomGoBlackAlura Jenson

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5 month 4 week ago


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