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Vixen - Crystal Rae My Friend's Little Sister

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Cyrstal is on summer break. Sometimes, her brother brings his friend Jean to the house to hang out by the pool, and for a while now, Cyrstal has been admiring him, gazing at him every chance she gets. But there is one obstacle – her brother. While her parents are out of town, her brother and Jean are enjoying drinks by the pool, resulting in her brother becoming very drunk and falling asleep. This is when Cyrstal sees her opportunity. She puts on her sexiest two piece, and joins Jean in the sunshine. After talking for a while, it's obvious what they both have on their minds, and they can't resist any longer. She kisses him, arousing the feelings she knows have been hiding for so long. With her brother floating on the pool, she satisfies him deeply – and once they take it into the house, there's no going back.

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Vixen - Crystal Rae My Friend's Little Sister

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VixenCrystal Rae

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3 year 10 month ago


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