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TeenCreeper - Holly Hendrix, Joseline Kelly Prom Queen Collared

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Sexy little prom queen Holly Hendrix and her bestie Joseline decide to head back to Holly's place for some hot post-prom girl-girl action. Just as Holly's fingering her friend she gets a phone call from her loser ex-boyfriend. He's really butt-hurt that she didn't go to prom with him and vows to prove his manliness to her. Holly doubts him and dares him to try. The girls go back to making out then suddenly Holly's ex gabs them from behind and takes them into her bedroom. Both girls quickly submit to him and get taken for a ride through hardcore, double blowjob, brutal tight pussy pounding action. Once he's done sexually dominating the tiny teens he covers them with a massive facial cumshot

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TeenCreeper - Holly Hendrix, Joseline Kelly Prom Queen Collared

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TeenCreeperHolly HendrixJoseline Kelly

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1 year ago


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