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TeamSkeet - Jill Kassidy, Reena Sky Becoming A Man BadMilfs

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Reena spotted her stepson Alex about to get some ass in the living room. She was so excited for him. Too bad he turned his girlfriend down. As an involved mother, Reena decides to go see whats up. Turns out her little prince was quite inexperienced and was scared. Reena knew what to do. She pulled his pants down on the couch and taught Alex how to jerk off! Not the usual parenting approach but hopefully it boosts his confidence. A few mornings later, she was cleaning his room and found tissues filled with jizz all over the place. He was jerking off like a maniac! This was progress, but Alex needs to realize that girls are important too. She shows him his first blowjob, and after nutting in her dirty mommy mouth, Reena knew he was ready for his girlfriend. Alex invited her over, and started taking the lead right away, which was very unlike him. Reena was proud as she saw him getting his cock sucked, but then something horrible happened. When it came time to fuck he completely froze. Reena jumped right in for her little boy and helped him rise to the occasion... LITERALLY! A few strokes from his mommy and Alexs dick was rock hard. Reena guided it into Jills tight teen pussy and even let him fuck her while Jill rode his face. Alex had learned alot today from Jill and Reena, but the one thing that will stick with him forever is that the sensation of cumming in a womans mouth is way better than any tissue will ever be. Thanks Mom!

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Jill KassidyReena SkyMilf

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1 month 3 week ago




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Anonymous . 1 month 1 week ago
what is his name
Blancos . 1 month 2 week ago
reena sky is freaking hot!!!
lojee . 1 month 3 week ago
Where do the get these girls from :O
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