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SweetheartVideo - Jenna Foxx, Emily Addison A Little Closer

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It's Maria's (Jenna Foxx) birthday, she takes a nice hot bath before she celebrates with her mom. While she's getting ready in her room, her stepmom Debbie (Emily Addison) comes in and gives her a birthday card from her dad. Maria, doesn't open the card; she just puts it on the night table beside the bed. Debbie, feels bad for her, she tries to convince her that her dad didn't do it on purpose. He really wants to be here, but it was impossible for him. Like every other birthday, she had. Things get worse when her mom canceled on her. Since all her friends are in Palm Springs, she will spend her 21st anniversary alone. Debbie will use this opportunity to get to know her stepdaughter better.

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SweetheartVideo - Jenna Foxx, Emily Addison A Little Closer

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SweetheartVideoJenna FoxxEmily Addison

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5 month 3 week ago


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