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StepMomLessons - Daphne Klyde, Loren Minardi From The Edge

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When Loren finds out her husband's a cheater, she takes matters into her own hands by confronting his mistress, Daphne, and enlisting her help in setting things straight. The two women set a trap for the philandering Marc Rose but their retribution is anything but typical. Loren and Daphne lovingly give each other the attention Marc never could as they kiss and lick and nibble each other right in front of him. If the goal is to push Marc to the edge, they easily succeed. And who says getting even can't involve getting yours as well? The two women have their fun and eventually allow Marc to join in (after making him squirm) granting him one last gift before they both toss him aside.

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StepMomLessons - Daphne Klyde, Loren Minardi From The Edge

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StepMomLessonsDaphne KlydeLoren Minardi

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1 year 4 month ago


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