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PervMom - Lexi Luna Sexually Inventive Incentives

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Lexi Luna wants her step son to be well fed and ready for school, so she gets up extra early to make him some eggs. The only problem is that by the time she is done, her clothes usually stink! To remedy the situation, she decides to make breakfast in her underwear. But as soon as her step son sees his big titted, sexy step mom in her underwear, he is way too distracted to make it to class. He whips his cock out and starts jerking it right in the kitchen, so Lexi agrees to help him out so he can clear his mind. She sucks his cock, giving him the perfect jumpstart for the day. Later, he cannot focus on his chemistry homework. So, Lexi comes by and gives him an incentive to study. She rides his cock to make sure that he does his best. Later on, our stud comes home after having gotten an F on his test. But he turns it into an A and reaps the reward of his step moms juicy pussy. At least he is resourceful!

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PervMom - Lexi Luna Sexually Inventive Incentives

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PervMomLexi Luna

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6 month 1 week ago


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