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MylfDom - Cassandra Cain Ciggies Make Her Gag

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Cassandra Cain knows the rules, but that does not mean she always follows them. Today, she sneaks out to smoke a cigarette knowing full well what the consequences will be. Her man is pissed and commands her to get upstairs and get ready to be punished. She smirks as she climbs the steps to their room, imagining all the dirty things he is going to do to her. She gags herself and then gasps as he whips her tight ass. She moans orgasmically as he pounds while wrapping his hand around her submissive neck. Then he fills her mouth up with hot semen. He thinks she has learned her lesson, but by the time he is done dishing out the domination, Cassandra is already planning her next smoke session.

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MylfDom - Cassandra Cain Ciggies Make Her Gag

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MylfDomCassandra Cain

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3 month 1 week ago


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