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Mommys Girl - Two Moms Are Better Than One: Part Two Cherie DeVille, Angela Sommers, Uma Jolie

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Angela Sommers comes by to thank her daughter's step mother Cheri Deville for her help. Cheri had talked to Uma after Angela found the teen's vibrator, and fixed the rift in their relationship. Cheri invites Angela to join them at the beach, and sends her off to pick out a bikini. When Angela gets back, she finds Uma and Cheri naked in the teen's bedroom using Uma's vibrator. Angela storms off in anger and disgust. Cheri runs after her to explain they're only masturbating.

Uma agrees she's going through changes and wants Angela to be a cool mom and teach her too. Cheri defends it as natural, and Uma insists they're just having fun. Angela is slow to be won over to the idea, but doesn't want to be left out. Cheri and Uma starts to diddle their pussies as Angela tries to get over the taboo. Fully clothed, she touches her vagina over her underwear, in stark contrast to the buck naked MILF and teen on the couch. Cheri helps Angela remove her dress, and Uma cajoles her to be cool and take off her panties too.

Angela slips off her panties and the threesome sit side by side on the sofa, legs spread and pussies exposed, rubbing themselves wet. The MILFs focus their attention on Uma making herself orgasm. Then Cheri and Uma watch mommy Angela work up her release. Stepmom Cheri kisses Angela in appreciation and fingers her wet pussy. The lesbian MILFs fuck each other in front of the teen.

Lesbian Uma gets excited watching her stepmom eat her mother's pussy till she cums. Then Cheri masturbates the MILF and daughter at the same time. Angela rubs one out of Cheri while the stepmom makes Uma's pussy cum with her tongue. Then Uma sits on her step mother's face while Angela tribs Cheri till their pussies explode!

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Mommys Girl - Two Moms Are Better Than One: Part Two Cherie DeVille, Angela Sommers, Uma Jolie

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Mommys GirlCherie DeVilleAngela SommersUma Jolie

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3 year 4 month ago


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