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Mommys Girl - Mom And Mommy Cassidy Klein, Jelena Jensen, Sarah Vandella

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Foster daughter Cassidy Klein's new Mom Sarah Vandella and Mommy Jelena Jensen are married lesbians. When Cassidy first comes home, Sarah warns her not to be inappropriate. Their last foster daughter made some inappropriate advances and had to be returned. Sarah sternly explains the rules of the house are not to be broken. But Mommy Jelena's parenting method is very different. She insists that Cassidy cleans the house in only her underwear. Cassidy tries to please Jelena but this only infuriates Sarah. Cassidy is so confused. When Sarah calls a family meeting in her bedroom to discuss her inappropriate behavior, she announces that Cassidy is going back to the orphanage. But good Mommy Jelena protects and consoles the foster girl. She tells her wife that Cassidy just needs more time. When Jelena kisses Cassidy on the mouth, Sarah gets jealous and accuses Jelena of using Cassidy as her pawn. But Jelena ignores her wife, giving Cassidy a motherly touch as she undresses her. Sarah the disciplinarian watches sternly as the lesbian MILF Jelena starts playing with the girl's breasts. Mean Mom Sarah rips Cassidy away, saying enough is enough. She removes her from Jelena's clutches, but only because she wants a turn for herself. The rule is they have to share. The lesbians encircle the naked teen. Sarah holds her in her lap, while Jelena sucks her pussy until she cums. Thank you Mommy.

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Mommys Girl - Mom And Mommy Cassidy Klein, Jelena Jensen, Sarah Vandella

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Mommys GirlCassidy KleinJelena JensenSarah Vandella

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2 year 2 month ago


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noushi . 1 year 11 month ago
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