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MomDrips - Christy Love Goodbye My Young Fuck Buddy

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Christy Love has some important news to tell her young fuck buddy. When they first started hooking up, she was lonely and her husband was not around. But things seem to be changing quickly. Now, her husband wants a family, and this stud is going to be left out in the cold. You cannot help but feel a little sorry for this sucker as she ends things with him. He puts on the puppy dog eyes while asking for one last farewell fuck, and Christy falls for it. They make it to her room and he pulls down her pants, licking her pussy from clit to crack. Then he fucks her throat with a fury only a scorned lover possesses. She squirts as he fucks her on her back and she rubs her pussy furiously. Then he sticks a finger in her asshole while pounding her from below. Finally, he gives her a little going away present, a pussyful of his cum. Maybe that family will get started sooner than she planned!

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MomDrips - Christy Love Goodbye My Young Fuck Buddy

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MomDripsChristy Love

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8 month ago


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