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Milfty - Rose Monroe The Extra Naughty List

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Even though Rose Monroes man can be a real Christmas Grinch, she does not allow his grouchiness to spoil her festive spirit. She gets up on Christmas and decorates the tree, looking sexy as hell as she decks the halls. When she sees the mistletoe, she gets a great idea of how she can get her man into the Christmas mood. She lays out on the couch with her ass perked up and then calls her guy into the room. When he sees her waving the mistletoe over her puckering hole, the joy of the holiday season finally kicks in. He dives into aggressively eating her ass. Then, he penetrates her with his long candy cane. Looks like Rose will be on the extra naughty list this year!

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Milfty - Rose Monroe The Extra Naughty List

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MilftyRose Monroe

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6 month ago


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