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GirlsWay - Real Girlfriends: Jessa & Cali Jessa Rhodes, Cali Carter

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Real life girlfriends Jessa Rhodes and Cali Carter describe how they started dating and what it's like being in a lesbian relationship while working in the porn industry. Even though they don't live in the same home, they feel like a married couple. They describe themselves as complete opposites, but when it comes to sexual chemistry, their opposites attract! Cali waits for Jessa to finish a live cam show, but becomes impatient and wants her girlfriend to herself. As they sit on the couch, Cali can't resist flirting and wants her mouth on Jessa's diamond-shaped butt plug. Jessa bends over, spreading her legs open as Cali indulges in her lesbian lover's sleek pussy. Jessa transitions on top on Cali, as they embrace passionately, swapping their favorite toy from ass to ass. They enthusiastically moan from simultaneous orgasms expressing their love to one another in delicate euphoric bliss and demonstrating to us all how perfect these real girlfriends are for each other!

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GirlsWay - Real Girlfriends: Jessa & Cali Jessa Rhodes, Cali Carter

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GirlsWayJessa RhodesCali Carter

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1 year 9 month ago


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