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FamilyStrokes - Lily moon Pillow Fighters And Pillow Biters

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Lily moon is having a sleepover with her best friend, Kelsey Kage. But its not a real sleepover until theres a pillow fight! But the girls are a little too rowdy and they wake up her stepdad. He comes in and tells them they better get to bed, now. The girls are mad but they do as they are told. Lily takes the bottom bunk and Kelsey takes the top. Which is a good thing, because a little while later, Lilys stepdad quietly sneaks back into her bedroom. He lifts the covers and gets a nice view of his stepdaughters sweet ass. He puts one hand over her mouth to keep her quiet, while his other hand explores her tight, teen pussy. He then feeds her his cock while she touches herself, but all this foreplay is not enough. She wants to get fucked and her stepdaddy is there to please. Meanwhile, Kelsey wakes up in the top bunk, but she stays quiet, her hand in her panties, playing with her cunt while watching her best friend get fucked by her hot stepdad.

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FamilyStrokes - Lily moon Pillow Fighters And Pillow Biters

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FamilyStrokesLily moon

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5 month ago


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