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Fake Hospital - Sexy Reporter Gets to the Point

Fake Hospital porn videos
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I had a journalism student interview me today about my practice. She wanted to know where I attended school and what equipment I used--and if I'd ever slept with any of my patients! I told pretty Paris that I was a married man, and a professional, so I would never do such a thing. Paris wanted me to listen to her heart and needed some help undoing her blouse. She asked if she could sit on my lap, and if I would examine her. Then Paris asked if she could undress me! I wasn't sure how this was part of the interview, but her mouth felt amazing on my cock, and it was super sexy the way she looked up at me through those black-rimmed journalist glasses. True spinners are my favorite, because they ride dick like nobody else. Paris got everything she needed today, including a massive cumshot to the belly. They say the way to a woman's heart is through shopping, but I discovered long ago that all you need is a stethoscope!

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Fake Hospital - Sexy Reporter Gets to the Point

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2 year 4 month ago


Fake Hospital


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