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DevilsFilm - Jaye Summers It's Okay She's My StepSister

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Jaye Summers can be a very protective stepsister. Like today, she overheard Alex Jett being treated like dirt by his supposed girlfriend. That bitch is just using him as a desperation fuck. Well Jaye has a plan! She knows that girls want guys other girls want. Why not take some pics of a chick you're fucking and send them to her? Just don't show their face. Jaye is even willing to be the girl cause she cares about her stepbrother that much! At first, Alex is a little put off by this but once he sees how pretty his stepsister's pussy is, how could he possibly say no? Besides, it would be rude to turn down this horny teen who just wants to give him a helping hand!

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DevilsFilm - Jaye Summers It's Okay She's My StepSister

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DevilsFilmJaye Summers

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1 year 3 month ago


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