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DaughterSwap - Lacey Channing, Pamela Morrison Halloween Hijinks

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Halloween is here! Lacey Channing and her bestie Pamela Morrison were getting ready for a night of mischief in their sexiest costumes of all time. They started talking about what the night had in store for them. Not only did their crushes promise them all the candy they could eat, but also all the cock they could suck! Just as they started to get into the dirty details, their fathers overheard from behind the door. No way they were gonna let two snotty nosed urchins defile their little princesses! They waited for the boys at the front door, then taught them a lesson by stealing their costumes and turning them away! They proceeded upstairs where the girls welcomed them with open mouths thinking they were their crushes. Forget about trick or treat, this halloween was all about suck and fuck! The girls looked so hot while they got rammed in their sexy outfits and the dads extra pervy with their horror themed masks. Their first sweet treat of the night was a squirt of their friends papas cum, which seemed yummy until the dads unmasked themselves. YOU BETTER BEWARE BECAUSE YOU”RE IN FOR A SCARE!

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DaughterSwap - Lacey Channing, Pamela Morrison Halloween Hijinks

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DaughterSwapLacey ChanningPamela Morrison

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1 year 7 month ago


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