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DaughterSwap - Cleo Clementine, Brooklyn Gray Domino Dick Down

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Brooklyn Gray and her dad are super serious when it comes to dominos. And that is perfect, because Cleo Clementine and her dad, are also hyper competitive. Both come in with a similar strategy. Have the hot daughter seduce the other teams dad to distract them from the game. But as the game progresses, the girls catch each other blowing cock under the table and immediately start to fight. Luckily, these dads are able to put the competition aside and help the girls make piece. The fighting leads to fucking as they swap dads for a sensual orgy. By the end of it, the girls kiss and make up. But a little cum on their lips helps bring them even closer.

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DaughterSwap - Cleo Clementine, Brooklyn Gray Domino Dick Down

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DaughterSwapCleo ClementineBrooklyn Gray

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6 month ago


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