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DaughterSwap - Arielle Faye, Pepper Hart The Shop And Swap

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About :

Arielle Faye and Pepper Hart are two daughters who go out shopping for slutty and of course really hot lingerie. They buy way too much on their dad?s dime and return home to see their dads talking about football. They immediately question their two bimbo daughters about the bags of clothing. Arielle and Pepper tease their dads asking if they want to see them in the outfits they just bought. The dad?s of course want to, but try to shrug of the offer. The daughters go to their room and start slipping into sexy lingerie. I have to mention they do a great job disrobing and slipping into sexy panty bottoms and bras.

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DaughterSwap - Arielle Faye, Pepper Hart The Shop And Swap

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DaughterSwapArielle FayePepper Hart

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1 year 2 month ago


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