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BadDaddyPOV - Aubrey Black Like Mommy Like Step Daughter

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Aubrey Black is a sexy MILF spending time with her husband. Her big tits fall out of her tight silk lingerie as she talks to him. Her husband is taking his step daughter to the big dance tonight at school where all the girls are bringing the men of the house. Aubrey Black is worried that her daughter is too much like her mom. Aubrey knows she is slutty and a filthy cock fiend and now that her daughter is older she sees her doing the same thing. Aubrey Black is worried that because her husband is only her step father, she is going to try to seduce him. The more she talks about it the hornier the MILF gets. She starts to stroke her husbands cock and begins to fantasize about the fun the family could have together. Her slutty mouth goes to work as she pleases her man. She then begins to fuck her husband while imagining all the filth her young whore and her MILF pussy could get into.

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BadDaddyPOV - Aubrey Black Like Mommy Like Step Daughter

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BadDaddyPOVAubrey BlackPov

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1 year ago


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