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BabesUnleashed - Jenifer Jane Fill Her Up

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Jenifer can't believe it when she runs out of gas on a quiet country road. Lucky for her, she manages to flag down the next car that drives by, and the driver is a silver fox with a can of gasoline in his trunk! The brunette is so happy, she gives her handsome good Samaritan a big hug and a kiss. Realizing how sexy her rescuer is, Jenifer wants to show him just how grateful she is for his help! As they kiss passionately, the former strangers decide it's time to get to know each other better. Jenifer follows Ridge home for a hot shower, and her new lover builds up the anticipation by flirting with her through the glass shower door, until Jenifer can't wait any longer and pulls him under the spray in his clothes! Reveling in the feel of Ridge's hands on her slick wet flesh, Jenifer soon has him as naked as she is so she can fill up her pussy with his thick cock!

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BabesUnleashed - Jenifer Jane Fill Her Up

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BabesUnleashedJenifer Jane

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2 year 1 month ago


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