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AllGirlMassage - Being Gay Is OK! Uma Jolie, Angela White

AllGirlMassage porn videos
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Teen Uma Jolie treats herself to a pampering birthday massage. Her gorgeous masseuse is Angela White and she's wearing a graphic t-shirt. It says 'Some chicks marry chicks, so get over it.' Knowing Angela is a lesbian makes Uma a tad uncomfortable, although she doesn't want to admit it. Angela finally convinces her to take off her clothes, and Uma bravely embarks on a new experience. Angela applies oil all over the teen's sexy body, then she focuses on relieving the tension in her tight muscles.

When Angela decides to have some fun with the birthday girl and blows softly on her dainty feet. The conservative teen becomes suspicious about Angela's intentions. Angela gets annoyed and invites her to leave, but Uma sorts out her misgivings. She flips onto her back and Angela massages her perky teen tits. She works her way down to her hip flexors and abductors and gets awfully close to Uma's vagina.

When Angela decides it's time to massage Uma's pussy, the client is no match for confident Angela. She breathlessly lets the lesbian finger her wet pink hole. And she quickly adapts to the circumstance when Angela starts to lick her out. Angela strips naked and scissor fucks the teen, then horny Uma tries her hand at pussy licking. The lesbians gorge themselves in 69 until Uma's eager tongue makes Angela cum. She's really getting the hang of being a lesbian!

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AllGirlMassage - Being Gay Is OK! Uma Jolie, Angela White

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Uma JolieAngela WhiteMassage

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9 month 3 week ago




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